Beard Grooming Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Beard Grooming Mistakes That You Should Avoid

I know growing a beard is such a wearying task! It demands a lot of persistence and hard work. But do you know that a person’s beard can play a major role in changing his overall look? So, I must say the end results shall be worth it!

Nothing suits a man better than a clean-shaven look and a healthy fluffy beard. Well, if you want all this, better gird your loins! Few people love playing the blame game, and ultimately end up criticizing their genes to be the cause behind their poor beard growth. It might be true for some, but for the majority, it is due to abysmal beard grooming practices. Some of the common beard grooming mistakes that people often make have been listed below:-


You might be having a hard time believing that there is even a correct way to wash your beard! But, trust me it plays a vital role in keeping your beard healthy. After spending the entire day outside, all the dirt and dust get trapped in them. This can cause the skin underneath to become prone to rashes and dandruff. This can become really painful in the near future. Try to choose a mild beard wash to cleanse your beard and underlying skin properly. You can opt for Braavoking Face and Beard wash, as it is well-formulated to purify, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin. The plus point is that all the ingredients present are 100% natural and preservative-free.


I can totally understand you, I mean who doesn’t want to look like their favorite movie star or favorite artist? But my dear friend, it is a very important thing to understand that not all haircuts or beard styles are gonna suit your face cut. Everybody is unique and so should have a unique style and not just be a mere xerox of someone. Your ‘face cut’ should be the prime factor in respect to which you choose your haircut and beard style. Try to go for a cut that gives your face an oval shape, as it is considered to be the perfect face structure. Adjust the edges accordingly so that your beard is neither too wide nor too long.


Looking for a product that will help you nurture your beard well? Trust me, beard oils are your savior! They are the best nourishment provider for your beard. They provide a liberal amount of moisture to your hair follicles which is also a good thing for the underlying skin for keeping it hydrated. You can see visible results in just a few days. Beard oils are not only for those who have long beards, they can also be used by the ones who have stubble-like beards, as their ultimate motive is to provide nourishment and proper care. You can pour a few drops of beard oil on your palm and give a nice massage to your beard and the underlying skin for the best results. It will even help you tame your beard. While selecting a beard oil, go for something which is made up of natural ingredients. You can also try Braavoking Beard Growth Oil, as it works miraculously in improving the overall health of your facial hair. And the best part is that the ingredients present are 100% natural!


I’m not kidding at all. Trust me, if you want a good beard, regular brushing is a must. The purpose of doing so is the same as you do for your scalp hair, to keep it neat and tidy and remove the dust particles. In addition to that, it also helps in the proper distribution of beard oil, which allows it to reach the hair follicles easily.


Growing a beard takes a lot of patience. During the trimming process, the majority of them make the mistake of trimming off too much to start again since inception. Ah, what a waste of time! I know, no one wants to look like a werewolf but you gotta trust the process. Beard growing has a whole lot of procedures, and getting mild trimmings at regular intervals is one of them. 

At last, I would like to remind you once again that everyone is unique. So you should never compare your beard growth with someone else’s. There are several factors that can affect your beard growth like genetics, proper nutrition, etc. So try to analyze why are you lacking behind and work harder on those issues.

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