How to Grow a Healthy Beard?

How to Grow a Healthy Beard?

Whether your facial hair is short or a fully grown beard, all it demands is a lot of effort and care. While growing a beard, grooming it properly is a must. You should keep one thing in mind that just growing a beard is not enough, but growing a  healthy one is a must. Check out the following tips to help grow or maintain a healthy beard:

1. Lead a healthy life:

In order to grow a beard, along with external care, you even have to provide internal care. It takes a lot of time to care for a beard, thus a person should be consistent. It just doesn’t end at shampooing and combing. Along with a proper diet, you should even get plenty of sleep, and avoid smoking, alcohol, caffeine, etc. You can even take a vitamin supplement‌ to suffice your daily requirements. 

2. Proper moisturization:

Choose a moisturizer according to your skin type in order to avoid breakouts. Along with the beard, it is mandatory to take care of the skin which is beneath it. For example, a person having acne-prone skin should choose a moisturizer that even acts as a skin conditioner. It is always advisable to apply the moisturizer immediately after washing the fash. Do not apply lumpsum amounts of moisturizer as it can cause greasiness.‌

3. Grooming your beard regularly:

Regular brushing and combing of your beard is a must. This not helps prevent knots and tangles but also saves you from the accumulation of dirt. You can trim your hair regularly in order to achieve your desired style. 

4. Regular washing:

Maintaining proper hygiene is a must. Always try to go for a mild cleanser, as harsh chemicals can damage the beard. Routine washing of the face and beard is a must in order to remove dirt, oil, germs, pollution‌, and dead skin‌ particles. Make sure to rinse the beard thoroughly while using the face wash or conditioner as no residue should be left behind.

5. Choose your product wisely:

Always select the products according to your skin type. Go for a product with salicylic acid or glycolic acid in it only if you have oily acne-prone skin. And if you have normal skin, go for a non-comedogenic product to prevent breakouts. In case of dry skin, select skin hydrating products for utmost care.

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