Which is Better: Trimming or Shaving?

Which is Better: Trimming or Shaving?

A beard plays a major role in transforming a person’s look. It enhances the jawline as well as gives a kick to your personality. Taking proper care of it is a must, or else it can be a disaster. A popular hot topic debate that is always there, is whether trimming is better, or shaving. Both have their own merits and demerits and the perspective toward them differs from person to person. Comparing the two is like comparing tea and coffee. Below are the benefits of both shaving and trimming that have been mentioned for you to decide which works best for you. Just have a look!


Trimming is the act of just cutting the beard short, and styling the hair for a tidy look. Some of the benefits of trimming are:

  1. Only minor changes:

Sudden changes in your beard shape can make your look entirely different. Trimmers are best for the removal of all tiny hairs. It gives us the freedom to shape and style the beard as we like at home itself.

  1. It's safer and convenient:

Getting cuts or wounds from trimmers is quite rare compared to blades. Blades can sometimes even cause minor cuts. Trimmers comparatively are convenient to use as only the power button needs to be switched on. This is the best option for beginners.

  1. Style it as you like:

A trimmer gives you the freedom of trying out different beard styles by just being at home itself. Now you don’t have to stand in a long queue or give a long explanation to your barber to get the type of look you want. Just search for the style on the internet and bam you get it done for yourself.  

  1. No more long queues:

Remember? How did we use to wait in long queues outside the barber’s shop just to get our beard or haircut done? Times have changed now, all thanks to trimmers. It not only saves us from the earlier preparations but has also become a one-time investment for us as we do not have to pay again and again for a clean shave. 


Shaving is basically the removal of the super close hair or even the tiniest spec of hair from the face. Here are a few benefits of shaving, have a look!

  1. You have control:

As trimmers are based on an electric motor working principle, you don’t really have much control over their movement. Whereas, in the case of a razor, you can control the amount of pressure you want.

  1. Good for skin:

Shaving can rejuvenate your skin. It not only reduces the accumulation of a good load of piled-up dirt and impurities but also removes dead skin. It can give better results when used with shaving products. You will be left with a healthier skin.

  1. Gives a neat look:

An uneven beard can make you look untidy. Shaving helps you a lot in getting yourself the perfect neat look, as the hair is removed from very close to the skin. It gives you an edgy look.

Trimming and shaving, both have their own importance. It all depends upon what you want for your face. Shaving can be quite tricky for youngsters, as it demands time and practice. So, it’s always better to try out both and then move ahead with what suits you the most.

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