Why Should You Choose Braavoking?

Why Should You Choose Braavoking?

Hola, to all the wonderful gentlemen out there! Are you looking for a brand that will help you bring out your best look, but will not cause any harm to your skin or hair? You have come to the right place. Braavoking is certainly what you're searching for. I know you must be thinking what’s so special about it? There are several men’s grooming brands in the market so why should I choose this brand specifically? Well, all the factors which will make you choose Braavoking over any other men’s grooming brand have been stated below. Just have a look by yourself!


Yes, you just heard it right, it’s all natural! I know it must be hard to believe since all the products in today’s date are drenched with all sorts of chemicals and preservatives. But, the best thing about Braavoking is that it is made from 100% natural ingredients. The use of chemicals in skin products cause your pores to clog. Many bad alcohols like methanol, benzyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, etc are added in them, which are widely known to cause skin irritation. These chemicals not only cause harm to us but also to nature. Yet, manufacturers don’t stop adding them to their products.


Another major cause of acne is the usage of artificial colors in skin and hair products. They not only irritate your skin but also cause inflammation and blemishes. They disturb the balance of natural oils present in our skin. But, Braavoking solely focuses on providing you with only skin-friendly products.


A very common ingredient that you can look for on the label at the back of your shampoo bottle is “Sulphates”. They might be giving you that temporary glossy shine, but what about the future? They drain away all the  excess moisture from your scalp leaving it unhealthy in the long run. Slowly by slowly your scalp will turn all dry and irritated. You might end up losing a good quantity of your hair. But, Braavoking thinks not only about your present, but also your future. The shampoos made by us are totally sulfate free so that not even slight damage is caused to your precious hair.


Parabens are the main reason behind skin allergies. Exposure to parabens causes the immune cells in our skin to slow their immune response which means even slight exposure to any allergen will lead to devastating consequences.


Braavoking does not restrict itself to only skin and hair care products. It has a wide range of products starting from beard oils to lip care. So, you can find the solution to any kind of hair and skin issue in just one place.


Braavoking thinks about everyone’s needs and wants. Due to this reason, it does not use any kind of animal products or by-products in any of its merchandise. Hence, it is totally vegan-friendly!


Braavoking believes in providing you with the best products at minimal prices. You must have seen many brands charging unnecessarily huge amounts and exploiting their customers, and this is something that we are totally against!


Braavoking products are absolutely cruelty free, which means the testing of the products is not done on animals. We believe that animals too are living beings and not just mere objects to perform scientific experiments on.  These types of malpractices are totally against humanity and should never be done to anyone whether it be humans or animals! 

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